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I'm On a Plane...

March 31st, 2010 (11:26 pm)

te_amari [userpic]

Kimi Wa Petto goes Korean!

March 11th, 2010 (04:46 pm)

Okay, so the source is Dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/03/jang-geun-seok-takes-the-lead-in-youre-my-pet/

Jang Geun-Seok (You're Beautiful, Beethoven Virus) is going to be in the Korean movie remake of Kimi wa Petto! Apparently the guy who had played Ji Hoo from Boys Before Flowers was offered the part but turned it down. Thank the Lord.

For anyone who doesn't remember, "You Are My Pet" was a 20-30 year old woman working in a company meets a homeless dancer who she calls her pet (because living with a person who's male just wouldn't work for her). I'm sure there's a better summary on dramawiki, but I'm just really excited. Let's hope this movie is good!

Crosses fingers.

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Buzzer Beat

February 24th, 2010 (12:12 am)
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Mostly sports, some music, and a few stereotypical characters. In my humble opinion.

Buza Bito
Buzzer Beat 
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 7/1 - 9/21 2009
Theme song: Ichibutozenbu by B'z

Synopsis off of Tokyograph

Kamiya Naoki is a young player from a professional basketball team. But due to his relatively smaller size and his tendency to crack under pressure, he is unable to show his true skills on the court. Meanwhile, Shirakawa Riko is a cheerful, strong-spirited music college graduate aiming to become a professional violinist. One day, Riko finds Naoki's lost cell phone on a bus, and their meeting begins a friendship that eventually turns into love. However, Naoki was already considering marriage with his current girlfriend. And it doesn't help matters that Naoki's coach has fallen in love at first sight with Riko!

There are spoilers for the first episode.

Since I've only seen the first episode and this is more of a reference for myself (so that once I finish I can look back and see if the drama has met/exceeded/failed my expectiations), I have no idea what makes this drama good or what makes it not so good. It did win three Television Drama Academy Awards (for drama, scriptwriting and theme song) and four Nikkan Grand Prix for best drama, actor, actress, and supporting actress. (Supporting actor went to Nishikido Ryo from another drama that year).

So, who are the leading men and ladies?

Ah, YamaPi! He plays Kamiya Naoki, and he looks incredibly different from his Nobuta days. He's a basketball player, but I guess basketball just isn't popular in Japan. Baseball's the real popular sport there. After failing to get into the championships, Naoki's salary takes a dive to something about $31,500 in America. Quite different from our basketball players' salaries. 

His girlfriend, Natsuki, is played by Aibu Saki (probably best well known from Zettai Kareshi, aka Absolute Boyfriend). Her character is the sweet on the outside, smoker/selfish/pessimist on the inside. It's quite different from other roles I've seen from her which were mostly happy and sweet, if not terribly saccharine. 

Though they pass each other a gazillion times, Naoki and Riko (Kitagawa Keiko) finally meet on the basketball court. Riko's faking isn't too obvious until then. Earlier, I could convince myself that she looked like she was playing, but once the camera started zooming in on her flat hand and lack of vibrato, it just killed me. At least the movement of her bow wasn't too off. 

Of course there's Riko's best friend, and the head coach who happens to be in love with Riko. And then there's the new guy in the basketball team, a badass punk who sees right through Natsuki's sweet exterior and eventually beds her. In the first episode. There's no emotional turmoil for the viewer here; it's obvious that Natsuki and badass punk aren't going to be on the Protagonist's side. What would be interesting would be a change in either of them, though the badass punk is more likely to turn to the good side than Natsuki.

And then there's the mandatory shower scene which isn't a shower scene but a bath scene in which we see YamaPi soaking in strawberry scented water. And then comes the mandatory off-shirt scene, but this time, we have a variety of chests. And they end up comparing. It's a humorous scene, and though I didn't laugh out loud, I chuckled.

It's cute. It's not over the top as many asian dramas tend to be. It's very much like a slice of real life except for the fact that Naoki and Riko keep almost meeting each other throughout this entire episode. 

By the way, did I mention that the violinist Riko has perfect pitch and long black hair like every other Asian violinist in Asian dramas? 

Oh, and there are instrumental Beatles songs interspersed throughout. I enjoyed hearing them, and they are in appropriate scenes. It's nice. 

I'm not fully behind this drama yet. We'll see what happens with the next few episodes. If I end up abandoning it, then there will be no conclusion post like what happened with Zeni Geba. 

Have a good day.

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You're Beautiful

February 22nd, 2010 (02:17 am)

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I just realized that my heading was all "You're Beautiful" and I've yet to say a word about it! And I don't want to sleep or work.

미남이 시네요 
Minami Shineyo
You're Beautiful

Episodes: 16

Broadcast Network: SBS

period: 10/7-11/26 2009

Theme Song: um...so many catchy and oft-repeated songs; theme song would probably be "Without Words"

I found wallpapers at the official website: http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/w3/template/tpl_iframetype.jsp?vVodId=V0000339966&vProgId=1000553&vMenuId=1011444

Synopsis off of Dramawiki

The management company of the idol group A.N.JELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung's voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi Nam, had to go to the States to repair a botched eye job just before signing the contract. His agent came up with the idea of having his twin sister, Mi Nyu,to stand in for him and pretend that she was her brother. The two of them grew up in an orphanage and Mi Nyu, who was all set to become a nun, agreed to this charade as she didn't want to spoil her brother's chance of fame which would make it easier to look for their mother.

Why you might not like it
  • Light drama; no political overtones, overarching moral lesson, or deeper meaning. don't look for one here
  • Korean humor (I feel I should put that warning on everything, because it seems that Korean sense of humor is quite different from American)
  • Jang Geun Seok is dressed really (really) strangely and has the emo hair at the beginning and wears a lot of eyeliner
  • More for the younger generation
  • Common plot point: crossdressing girl

Why you might like it:
all the same reasons above, with a few differences:
  • Light drama; funny, cute, many 'awww' moments, many 'squee!' moments, and of course the necessary drama
  • Korean humor (Hong sisters! I think they wrote My Girl, which had its adorable moments, though it there were some artificial conflicts in that one)
  • Jan Geun Seok is dressed crazy and fixes his hair in the second?third? episode. But he still wears eyeliner
  • Unique take on the crossdressing girl plot
  • Funny. There are so many moments in which I just literally laughed out loud. Pig scene. Nuff said. Surgery scene.  Okay, now 'nuff said.
  • The CHARACTERS. It feels more character-driven than plot-driven, but I might just be in love with all of the characters.
  • I'm sure there are more reasons, but I'm tired. 
Hwang Tae Kyung, you know the type: bad-tempered main guy who is incredibly proud, level-headed, sharp, and allergic to everything and owns a humidifier. He's a clean-freak too, something not usually associated with our leading guys. He's played by Jang Geun Seok (whoo!) who I recognize most strongly from Beethoven Virus. He does play the prickly-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside guy in both roles, but they are incredibly different. He's much nicer and more forgiving in Beethoven Virus. Not to say that Tae Kyung isn't nice. 

Of course, our leading lady is the most important character. And just as adorable as our leading guy. Park Shin Hye plays Go Mi Nyeo, who masquerades as her brother, Go Mi Nam. Eventually, you'll give up and just think of her as Go Mi Nam from all the times Jan Geun Seok's character's calls her. Mi Nyeois actually a nun in training, albeit a very clumsy, troublesome nun in training. She's so incredibly innocent, that it's ridiculous to think her character could pass as a guy for any length of time. Shin Hye is just too pretty to be a guy. She does do a double role when the 'actual' Go Mi Nam shows up, but even then, he doesn't look like a man.

Jeremy! Cute, adorable, childlike, sweet, blonde, curious, caring, oh so many ways to describe the most childlike and outgoing member of the group. He seems like a backseat character, but when he has to step up, he steps up. Not going to give too much away, but I really (really) enjoyed the singing in the bus scene. You'll have to get there. Most singers who go into acting aren't that great (cough cough, the dude from Boys Before Flowers, Se7en, You know Yun-Ho), but Lee Hong Ki is impressive in that his acting is satisfying. And he does have a nice voice, not that Geun Seok doesn't have a nice voice...

Last is our second male lead, the oft-forgotten mascot of unrequited love: Shin Woo. Jung Yong Hwa does a good job of playing him. I must say that Shin Woo was frustrating (as are all second male leads, with their hesitation, and their mindless pining for girls who are obviously too infatuated with the first male leads), but he was so human. That sounds weird, but here we didn't have the perfect side-liner; he did miss a lot of chances, but when he pursues his girl, he goes into it wholeheartedly, in such a way that you kind of wish Mi Nam would just pick him. 

I was discussing the Shin Woo / Tae Kyung debate with someone from my school, and she was an ardent Shin Woo fan. I do prefer Tae Kyung, but I had my moments in which I entertained the thought: Shin Woo and Mi Nam would make a cuter couple.

Minor characters aren't really minor; they're not thrown in there just because. Evil lady, Yoo He Yi played by UEE, is intriguing at first, gets kind of immature and annoying, and then in the end just seems so human that you can't help but pity her and want her to find some kind of happiness too. The Director, Manager and the Sylist are probably there for comic relief; and to further the plot; but mostly for comic relief. Mo Hwa Ran is of course there to heighten the drama and pull everything together, but I have no idea what to think of her. Even though I finished the drama months ago, I still do not know whether I like her or hate her. Of course, she is despicable, but in the end, can we still hate her? Probably. But I wouldn't want to.

Ratings were considered low for this drama, though you'd have to consider that it was up against IRIS, which was, from what I heard, a combination of all the action/spy/24/alias shows with exotic locations and expensive expensiveness. They were in the double digits a few times, and never sunk below 8%. It practically had a cult following online, spurring the sales of the Pig-Rabbit and other cute things. -->

I'm sure they're selling the symbolic hairclip. The symbolism did get a little heavy-handed at times, though it was nice to get a drama that wasn't all about meanings at the surface. Come back after you watch this drama and analyze the following: the clip, the water, the limes, the juice, the tea, the stars, the moon, etc. And I'm sure you can come up with all sorts of fictitious points of analysis. 

"Tae Kyung uses the white piano as a surgical table to start the extended metaphor of Tae Kyung as a doctor who uses music to fix things. Though in this particular case he was not using music, he does in several other instances following. etc."

The image of the boys in aprons was completely necessary. Huh. Shin Woo's usually the one in black. O well.

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(no subject)

February 14th, 2010 (12:54 pm)

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 Whoo! What a drama!


What you might not like:
Little to no comedy
Matsuyama is a frighteningly convincing crazy guy

What you might like: 
philosophical conflict about money and having money
Matsuyama is a frighteningly convincing crazy guy
There is character development!
Suspenseful, intrigue
Interesting ending (I really liked it. It fit, and made for a wistful end)
There's a Death Note kind of feeling to it without the over-complicated parts

Character stuff will be up later. I actually typed it all up and accidentally pressed back, and the autosave feature didn't save everything. ><

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Intro: Zeni Geba (Money Crazy)

February 7th, 2010 (09:26 pm)

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Zeni Geba
Money Crazy

Episodes: 9

Broadcast network: NTV Broadcast

period: 2009-Jan-17 to 2009-Mar-14

Theme song: Sayonara by Kariyushi 58 http://www.mediafire.com/?mtz4wy2hmtm

Synopsis off of Dramawiki.com

Gamagori Futaro has been poor since the day he was born. As a child his recklessly wasteful and abusive father sunk the family into debt and disappeared, leaving Futaro and his sick mother to fend for themselves. With no money to pay for medical treatment for his ailing mother, she eventually died. After her death Futaro became obsessed with money and willing to do anything for it. Several years pass and Futaro finds himself working at "Mikuni Shipbuilding" where he meets the company president's daughters Midori, who was his former classmate, and her younger sister Akane, who is disabled, and like Futaro, has a scarred face. In a plot to acquire their fathers company, Futaro begins to get close the sisters... 

Futaro is played by Matsuyama Kenichi, whom you might better know as L from the Death Note movies, or perhaps as that basketball guy from 1 Litre of Tears. In this drama, Matsuyama also plays another role as a completely different character, perhaps for comic relief or maybe just as a contrast. Of yourse, Futaro's younger self is played by Saito Ryusei, the same kid who played the younger version of Nishikido Ryo's character in Ryusei no Kizuna and the younger brother of Kamenashi Kazuya's character in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. Since I'm re-entering the Japanese drama arena, I don't recognize nearly as many lead characters as I had back when YamaPi played every part ever. I have no idea who Mimura (Midori) is, though she was in Chakushin Ari 2 (One Missed Call II) and plenty of other dramas. Her sister Akane is played by Kinami Haruka from dramas like Akihabara@Deep and Tantei Gakuen Q. Miyagawa Daisuke plays a sharp detective/policeman named Ogino Satoshi, assisted by  Suzuki Hiroki as Sugeta Jun (Suzuki Hiroki was in Prince of Tennis the movie as Oishi.  I don't know why that's important, I felt it needed to be said).

Those are the main people, and the full cast list is on DramaWiki.

Original writing (manga): Zeni Geba by George Akiyama 
Screenwriter: Okada Yoshikazu 
Producers: Kono Hidehiro, Naniwa Toshiaki (難波利昭) 
Directors: Otani Taro (ep1-2, 4,6,8-9), Kariyama Shunsuke (狩山俊輔) (ep3,5,7) 
Music: Kaneko Takahiro (金子隆博)

Otani Taro has had a lot of dramas under his belt, and the only one(s) I've seen directed by him are Gokusen 1, 2, 3 (I only saw Gokusen 3). But the directors did win an award for directing this drama, so Zeni Geba must be good in some respects. The screenwriter, Okada Yoshikazu has A LOT of dramas to be famous for. I recognized a few I have and haven't seen: Antique (2001), Friends, Ai no Uta, Maison Ikkoku, and Bambino (a drama I didn't really like. At all. I don't think it was the actor's fault either; Matsumoto Jun is quite the intriguing actor). 

Matsuyama Kenichi                   
   I don't want you thinking L when you see this character. Frankly, he is nothing like L except for the introversion. His morals are completely different, he thinks completely different, his motives, his drive, his interests, his method. He is not L, no matter how much you'll think so at the very beginning. Sure, his hair is still kind of messy and he broods in the dark a lot; if you're going to compare Futaro to a Death Note character, you should be thinking Yagami Light. Eek, now that's a similarity in personalities.

The average ratings was 9.8 with a low of 6.4 in the eighth episode and a high of 12 in the first. But if you exclude the high and the low, you get an average of 10.071. A lot of the ratings fell in the 10s anyway, so the 6.4 really pulled it down.

So try it out. You might like it.

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Stream of Consciousness

December 27th, 2009 (01:08 am)

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 We're going to embark upon an adventure of experiments. 

One: staying up late because I can't sleep and therefore will fall asleep during Father Fred's homily even though the man is a very good speaker and I like it when he takes out his mickey mouse stuff or puts on his huge kingdom glasses.

Two: I was going onto a stream of consciousness before I decided to start. :( Anyway, two, I want to see how this works. and i'm bord. i just don't want to sleep.


Joshua Bell. Cool dude. Speaking of experiments, he did this social experiment where he played at a subway for 45 min. He earned roughly 30 dollars. A week before, he played at a concert hall in which moderately good seats sold for 100 dollars. Whoo!

He was all, "They were ignoring me" Well tough, Bell. Y'see, when our orchestra plays at dinner, we're not only ignored, but we're somewhat of a nuisance. People clap because it's polite, but they're really thinking, "Why is there a mediocre high school orchestra playing while I'm trying to talk to other rich people about being rich?"

I have no idea where that came from. From whence that came. Or whence that came. Do I need "from" if I use "whence"? Is it implied? 

That reminded me of Latin. And how I'm apparently going to major in it. Meh. Maybe. Classics seemed like the best alternative. After all, i'm staying away from majoring in math or science. It would be kind of pathetic if I'm in honors for all these liberal arts classes and I try to major in science. But English? Not for me. I'll stick to Latin, even if I'm not that good at it.

This isn't a very successful stream of consciousness. During that last paragraph, my mind kept jumping to other stuff, dolphins, and whales, and I kept dragging my mind back to what I was trying to write. Maybe if something pops up, I'll let it. Foxes. I'll just type whatever comes to mind. Oranges in thongs.

I don't even know if it's a thong. I think it is. Orange Range is the band. Sang Asterisk (boo!) and Shanghai Honey (w00t!).

weaboo...is what came to mind for some reason when i typed w00t. 

i'm not sure why. I've realized I stopped capitalizing my I's at some point. I've started to again, but I won't correct the old ones or else this'll be just weird.

I should sleep.

I just slouched a little more on the couch. On one arm is a watch I got for christmas. Didn't capitalize that either. And I have my St. Agnes ring on the same hand. The other arm boasts a very fashionable, very noisy but not really charm bracelet. PANDORA

Like from Phantom of the Opera. "you little prying pandora!" you little viper? is that right? is this what you wanted to see?

The mind jumps from one thing to another too quickly for my finger to type them all. not to mention all the typos. I've just given up on correct grammar and capitalization. who cares.

speaking of correctness, YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SPELLING HALLOWEEN INCORRECTLY. I spelled it incorrectly.

Apparently, according to OED and NPR (I remember about two months ago around that time of year)

It's... (drumroll)


f yea. didn't see that coming.


I wish I'd had sugar. then this would all make sense.



how did the Italians even come up with this? putting espresso and rum in the same dessert? with raw eggs? and who ever thought of mixing the mascarpone with the sugar and the rum and with the yolks? and then you take the whites and you hand wisk them until it's fluffy and stiff like snow. sluffy and fiff. 

and then you mix that. then you lay down the lady's fingers and you drench them with half a cup failrly odd parents of espresso. santa claus. and saunta clause. is th emove called the santa claus or the santa clause? i never knew. anyway, you let the espresso soak into the lady's fingers, and then you carefully pour GENTLY! pour the mascarpone (with the now added fluffy yet stiff snowness of egg whites) onto the drenched lady's fingers, making sure to spread it without hurting the fingers. ow.

then you put on more ladyfingers on top of the marcarpone mix, and you drench those fingers with another cup of espresso. no wonder i get jittery when i eat too much tiramisu. then you put even more mascarpone mix on top of that. glasses. getting sleepy. if you're smart, you'll have had cocoa prepared to drizzle on top, but if you're like me or my brother, you'll not think of that and get a packet of hot chocolate and sprinkle that on top. realizing that it looks disgusting, you'll find some truffles that your mother got from a coworker, and you'll use a cheese grater to grate the truffles so that long flakes will rain down upon the weird-looking tiramisu. If you're Morimoto, you'll forego the cocoa entirely and sprinkle on some green tea powder. I didn't finish watching that episode of iron chef. i wonder how the judges reacted to green tea powder.

that is another unsuccessful stream of consciousness. I thought of Yugioh at least twice neopets between my recipe-reciting, though I'm not sure why. I find myself longing for my days as a child when I could watch cartoons without being judged. though i did watch phineas and ferb, which is oddly entertaining. more entertaining than ni hao cai lan. i don't remember a single chinese word from cai lan, but i do remember that "we won't stop until we get some. it's the principle of the thing" should be part of we wish you a merry christmas. 

is that it? i could stop now. apparently it's 1:05. idk.




my bff allison and christine in no particular order it's alphabetical.  marcus, are you here? kate, kelsey, my goodest freshman pals, *sobs* it's like i'm drunk or something, but i'm not smiling!


I feel like my post sounds happier than my face looks. It's frowning at hte computer as i type because i spelled 'the" incorrectly for about the fifth time. i finished my american applications. the canadians can just wait. o canada! my home and native land! not really. even my cousins are lying when they sing that, though some have never left canada. 

I wanna go home.

Where am I?

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(no subject)

June 19th, 2009 (10:02 pm)

Protect the VOTE!

People of the world, your vote is being violated!

Mahmoud, we want our votes to count.

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(no subject)

September 1st, 2008 (02:48 pm)
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I just found a drama called 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon', or 'My Lovely Sam Soon'. It's different from the other stuff I've watched...

Firstly, the main character is a middle-aged. overweight patissiere. She's really not that fat. She's just not as skinny as all the other attractive asian girls you see in dramas. Anyway, there's a rich, young, handsome restaurant owner Jin Heon. He first meets her after she's dumped by her cheating boyfriend on Christmas. A little while later, he finds Sam Soon and wants her as his patissiere. Well, she agrees, but only on the condition that she could be known as 'Hee Jin' rather than 'Sam Soon'. Jin Heon fights this, and I mean, he really doesn't want to call her Hee Jin. Eventually, he loses the argument and she starts work as a Patissiere at his restaurant, Bon Apetit.

One day, Jin Heon interrupts Sam Soon's blind date (which was going really really well), and pretends that he's her boyfriend so that his blind date would leave him alone. Sam Soon, incredibly angry, goes the entire day doing random stuff, while Jin Heon follows her. She gets drunk, and stuff happens, and she wakes up in Jin Heon's apartment. His mother comes the next day, and that's when the idea of a love contract comes together.

At some point, to make his mother happy, he asks Sam Soon to pose as his girlfriend. In turn, he pays (50 million won, I think) so that Sam Soon doesn't lose her house. It all looks normal, right? Everything's the way a drama should be. There's some funny stuff that goes down. There are ups and downs, and you expect that after after a dozen episodes, they'll start liking each other and everything will be wonderful, right?

Not at all.

Jin Heon's ex-girlfriend, Hee Jin, from the states comes back, claiming they never broke up. He's all mad at her for not calling or communicating for three years, and she's mad that he didn't wait for her. At first, it seems ridiculous to expect him to wait when she apparently didn't give him any notice, but as the series continues, it makes more sense, and you feel a sort of pity for her. Hee Jin just complicates everything.

So, I have never been so conflicted when it comes to pairings. I kind of want Jin Heon and Hee Jin together more than he and Sam Soon. They seem so perfect. But Sam Soon deserves happiness, and she probably could find it with Jin Heon. Hee Jin deserves happiness too, and she has an amazing back-up guy who also deserves happiness, but dammit, the only way she feels she'll be truly happy is with Jin Heon! And I really don't care whether he's happy or not, because he's a bit of a jerk who has a few good points. He looks so peaceful and happy with  Hee Jin, that I can't help but believe they are perfect for each other!

So this drama does feature a song or two you might recognize. I found a link for the sheet music if anyone's interested: Sheet Music Cafe. It has sheet music from KPop and Dramas, and other things. I haven't browsed the entire thing yet. But it's amazing.

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(no subject)

July 26th, 2008 (12:52 am)

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^Gif, created from episode 9 of Love Contract 愛情合約, starring Mike He 賀軍翔(from one of my favoritest Taiwanese dramas, Devil Beside You) and Ariel Lin 林依晨 (from famous works, such as Seventh Grade 七年級生, It Started With a Kiss (1 and 2) 惡作劇之吻, Tokyo Juliet 東方茱麗葉, Fairy from Wonderland 天外飛仙, and Legend of the Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传). I've seen many of Ariel's dramas, at least all of these listed, save Seventh Grade and Legend of the Condor Heroes. I'll watch LoCH when I can...

Love Contract isn't so bad. Ariel Lin plays Xiao Feng (which means Little Wind. You do not understand how amazed I was that I knew that) who is a rough-ish tomboy. Mike He plays Ken, and I think his character is either half Japanese or full Japanese, because his mother and uncle speak Japanese. Xiao Feng is captain of the kendo club in which all her friends involved. So, Xiao Feng's two friends, Xiao Bai and Ah Kai join the swimming team under Ken, also known as the Sea Monster because of his callousness. Firstly, just know that Xiao Feng has some serious issues. I mean, some really serious issues. O.o

The day of Xiao Feng's birthday, after storming out/being kick out of a bar by Ken (who works there), she and her friends (Xiao Bai, Ah Kai, Mu Tou, Xin Lei, and Xiao Xiao) go to the beach instead. They ask her what she wants, and going kind of away, she shouts that she wants to fall in love. She shouts it really really loudly. Ken comes out of the water, apparently having finished scuba diving, and gets mad at her for being noisy. She gets mad and challenges him to a competition, including kendo, boxing, and I guess wrestling/jousting on the pier. She falls in the water, and since she apparently can't swim, Ken jumps in to save her. He has to give her CPR, and once she revives, Xiao Feng slaps him and runs away. She goes home and chats on the computer with someone about the day, asking if CPR can be considered a first kiss.

So anyway, at some point (I think it's still in the first episode, but I might be mistaken), Xiao Bai and Ah Kai come up with a plan called the 'Love Contract', in which the two promise to find more members for the swimming team if Ken goes on a movie date with Xiao Feng and fulfills the 'Love Contract'.

The first episode is kind of interesting. Mike is attractive, as always, and his character is more mature than his character in Devil Beside Me. This reminds of 10 Things I Hate About You. As you see Xiao Feng and Ken falling in love, you are almost deluded that they'll sail smoothly for the rest of forever...but there's always the threat of Xiao Feng discovering the 'Love Contract'. You know things get better at the end, but sometimes, dramas don't go that way...I think this drama will go the way of all the others and have Ariel Lin and Mike He get through it.

Both main characters have family problems, but since we're in Xiao Feng's head more than often, we don't get to really understand what's wrong with Ken's family other than his single mother's health. Instead, we get insight into Xiao Feng's troubled home, where her father has affairs on the side and rarely ever comes home, her mother is more often than not out of the country, and her sister, although seemingly the closest comfort she'll ever have in her family, is romantically screwed. Xiao Feng's sister (whose actress also played sister to Ariel Lin in Fairy from Wonderland) incites your pity, or at least, she incites mine. At first, Xiao Bai and Ah Kai seem like the same character, split into two for convenience, but you see that there is a difference. The difference is most easily seen in their treatment of Ah Kai's girlfriend, Xin Lei. I won't say too much, but every character looks really conflicted, except for maybe Xin Lei and Xiao Xiao, both of whom seem to know who they want (Xiao Bai and Ah Kai, respectively). Mu Tou, well, you'll see. It's not that obvious in the first episode, but it gets really clear soon enough.

The show has a watery theme, of aquariums, fish, and mermaids. There are several references to it, probably inspired by Ken's swimming and furthered by the oceanic animal decor in Xiao Feng's room. It's cute, and not at all irritating or overbearing. The cinematography in the competition scene took a really weird humorous tone...it seemed so not right for the drama, and so far, it's the only scene that's been done that way. There are bits of humor snuck in there, mostly Xiao Feng being mischievous. There are some that are just adorable. Like this  v

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